Bucks: The top three in the Lianke Division have won four consecutive victories

In the first game after the All-Star break, the Bucks lost 123-126 to the Nets led by Irving alone. Combined with their 120-123 loss to the 76ers before the All-Star break, the Bucks lost two straight 3-point games to their arch rivals in the East. After that, the Bucks will face the Hornets, Heat, Bulls, and Suns one after another. Three of these four opponents were the top two teams in the East and West divisions at the time. A complete victory against the Bucks can be called the Bucks nemesis. In the face of such a devil’s schedule, how can the Bucks, who lost to their opponents in two consecutive games, deal with it?

With four consecutive victories, they handed over a perfect answer.

The Bucks’ victory over the league-leading Suns yesterday, because of the absence of the Suns Paul and Booker, may not contain much gold, but the other three wins are enough to prove the Bucks’ championship-level strength.

On March 1, the Bucks won a big victory at home against the Hornets, who were weak in the interior. Holiday led the bench to a 23-7 offensive to lay the victory, allowing the Bucks to clock in at halftime. Antetokounmpo was not very efficient in that game, but the impact was still overwhelming for the Hornets. Antetokounmpo scored 28 points, 17 rebounds and 5 assists in just 28 minutes.

On March 3rd, they played against the Heat, which is the top of the Eastern Conference and an old rival, and the two teams staged a playoff-level hand-to-hand battle. The Bucks played very seriously after the opening game, suppressing opponents on both ends of the offense and defense. However, because Antetokounmpo received a third foul at the beginning of the second quarter, the entire first three quarters were plagued by fouls, and only 7 points were scored in the half. The Heat reversed the score and maintained a 10-point advantage. But in the final stage of the fourth quarter, the Bucks started a Jedi counterattack. In the final seven minutes of the game, the Bucks displayed championship-level integrity and execution. Antetokounmpo, Portis, and Matthews were close to Butler, Adebayo, and Herro in the three Heat’s offensive cores, cutting off the connection between Heat players. The Bucks were impeccable in every pinch and rotation, and this almost perfect defense left the Heat at a loss on offense. The Bucks made the Heat’s pass errors, 24 seconds, and strong shots again and again like this. In the last 20 seconds, the Bucks made a pass error for the Heat and a sideline ball error (the sideline ball could not be sent out, and the Heat made another mistake after a timeout). The Bucks made a 21-6 in the last seven minutes, and finally Holiday made a layup to complete the lore.

The Bucks’ defense in the last seven minutes of this game is the best in the league today, and the Bucks are worthy of being a champion team when they are serious.

Two days later, the Bucks played against the Bulls, who were third in the East at the time. The Bulls have had a poor record against strong teams this season, and the Bucks have used this game to prove that they are indeed a true strong team. Matthews and Giannis Antetokounmpo blocked each other in the game, preventing DeRozan, who had just won the best of the month, only 11 of 30 shots. On the Bulls side, Vucevic and Tristan Thompson, the two insiders, can’t limit Brother Antetokounmpo at all. Brother Antetokounmpo still scored 34 when he missed his free throws (missed 9 free throws, the highest in the season). Points and 16 rebounds completely dominated the basket, plus-minus reached +15.

Yesterday, the Bucks faced the Suns without Booker and Paul at home, but it was not easy to win. Antetokounmpo was not excited in the game. He only made 13 shots and made only 6 free throws. He left the game with six fouls early and scored only 19 points. The Suns took advantage of the momentum of the last lore against the Knicks, and shot 45.2% of the three-pointers from the outside. Ayton also felt hot, and the mid-range shot was almost flawless. The audience scored 14 of 19 shots and scored 30. point. The score between the two teams was tight throughout the game. But the Bucks only tightened their defense in the closing stages of the game, allowing the Suns to score only 1 point in the final 3.5 minutes of the game. When the entire team is serious, the Bucks’ combat effectiveness is unstoppable by the sun.

In fact, during the four-game winning streak, Antetokounmpo’s performance was not outstanding compared to himself. The reason why the Bucks have shown higher combat effectiveness in the near future mainly depends on the overall performance of the team. The first is Middleton and Holiday’s offense recovering.

In the five games after the All-Star break, Middleton averaged 27.2 points, 5 rebounds and 5 assists per game while shooting 50.5 percent from the field and 44 percent from three-point range. And Holiday has shown his stable ability to eat big and small recently. In the final stage of the Heat, Holiday chased and played Vincent, the only weak link in the Heat’s defense. At the last moment, he used his body to eat Vincent to complete the quasi-lore. Playing the Bulls, the same strategy, Holiday was basically asking for anything when he played against Dosham in the fourth quarter. Holiday’s matchup advantage at the 1 can be said to be strategic.

The Bucks’ bench lineup is also impressive. Jevon Carter and Bembry, who were signed from the Nets, both had good performances last week. In particular, Jevon Carter has become the Bucks’ number one backup point guard when Connaughton and Hill have been out for a long time. After Carter came to the Bucks, his three-point shooting rate reached 50%, and the defensive end was also very active. When the opponent used a small lineup to fight for three-pointers, Budenholzer even let Carter play the decisive moment. At present, the Bucks have five starting players and four main backups, and there is no obvious defensive weakness. So when the Bucks exert their full strength, it is difficult for opponents to find a breakthrough. During the Bucks’ four-game winning streak, they did not lose a lot of points, but the Bucks were terrible. Every time they reached a critical stage of the game, they could suddenly exert their strength to prevent the opponent from scoring for a long time. That’s what a championship team should have: When their offense is cut off, they can still rely on defense to hold their opponents down.

The Bucks have a much easier schedule next week than they did last week. Among the three opponents, the Thunder’s strength is too far from the Bucks, and the Bucks should easily win. Although the Eagles lost to the Pistons today and are currently only ranked tenth in the Eastern Conference, they have a good average height and also have inside reserves. If the Bucks cannot open the outside line, it will be very difficult. The Warriors are not in good shape recently. The small lineup that Kerr often uses cannot resist the impact of the Bucks. The Bucks are likely to continue their record of the top three in the division.

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