Cam Newton: Carolina Panthers firing offensive coordinator is related to his poor performance

Before the bye week, Carolina Panthers lost 33-10 to the Miami Dolphins, which directly led to the layoff of offensive coordinator Joe Brady.

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Starting quarterback Cam Newton said in an interview: “Do I think this has anything to do with me? Yes, no one will lose their job because of success. I’m just trying to make sure I can have a job now.”

Cam Newton completed only 5 of 21 passes in the game against the Dolphins, advanced 92 yards, was intercepted 2 times, and did not have a touchdown. Carolina Panthers then replaced Joe Brady with senior offensive assistant/running back coach Jeff Nixon (Jeff Nixon).

But long before Cam Newton joined, the efficiency of the Carolina Panthers offensive team was already worrying. They only scored 7 touchdowns in the first 9 games, and even did not score an offensive touchdown in three consecutive games.

“I’m here to win,” Cam Newton said. “When we win the game, everyone will be promoted. If we lose, only someone will be waived.”

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