Houston Texans

Houston Texans expected to hire Lovie Smith as new head coach

admin  -  February 17, 2022

On Monday, the Houston Texans will hire Lovie Smith as their new head coach. Lovie Smith was the assistant head coach and defensive coordinator for the Houston Texans last season. Houston Texans fired former coach David Culley in mid-January. Lovie Smith previously coached the Chicago Bears (2004-2012) and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers (2014-2015). He then...

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Houston Texans interviews former Dolphins coach Brian Flores

admin  -  January 28, 2022

On Friday night, Houston Texans officially announced that it had interviewed Brian Flores for the head coaching job. The Houston Texans fired David Culley the day before, and Brian Flores was fired by the Miami Dolphins on Monday. Brian Flores also went to the Chicago Bears for a coaching interview. General manager Nick Caserio said...

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Houston Texans dismissal coach David Culley

admin  -  January 22, 2022

Houston Texans fired coach David Culley and offensive coordinator Tim Kelly on Thursday. According to reports, New England Patriots linebackers coach Jarod Mayo is the No. 1 candidate to be the next head coach. David Culley had previously said on Sunday that he thought he would continue coaching next season. But after days of deliberating...

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Houston Texans quarterback Jeff Driskel will switch to tight end

admin  -  January 4, 2022

On Thursday, Houston Texans close end coach Andy Bischoff said quarterback Jeff Driskel will switch to close end. Andy Bischoff praised 28-year-old Jeff Driskel for his “rare talent” and planned to let him participate in close-end training full-time later, or he may participate in the special team. “We currently see this as a development process.”...

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Houston Texans cuts running back Phillip Lindsay

admin  -  December 21, 2021

On Tuesday, Houston Texans gave up running back Phillip Lindsay. If unclaimed, Phillip Lindsay will become a free agent. Houston Texans signed a one-year contract with Phillip Lindsay in March this year, with a contract salary of US$3.25 million, including a security deposit of US$1 million. Phillip Lindsay rushed 50 times this season, advanced 130...

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Houston Texans cuts linebacker Zach Cunningham

admin  -  December 10, 2021

On Wednesday, Houston Texans coach David Culley confirmed that the team has given up linebacker Zach Cunningham. Zach Cunningham was suspended for one game last week for being late for the new crown test. This is the second time Zach Cunningham has been punished for violating team rules this season. David Culley said: “We have...

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