Indianapolis Colts

Indianapolis Colts to hire Gus Bradley as defensive coordinator

admin  -  February 13, 2022

On Friday, the Indianapolis Colts will hire Gus Bradley as defensive coordinator, replacing Matt Eberflus, who is headed to the Chicago Bears. Gus Bradley will take over the defense led by linebacker Darius Leonard and defensive lineman DeForest Buckner. The Indianapolis Colts had ninth-fewest points per game and 16th in yards per game last season....

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Indianapolis Colts had contacted retired quarterback Philip Rivers

admin  -  December 31, 2021

After contacting retired quarterback Philip Rivers, Indianapolis Colts coach Frank Reich said that if Carson Wentz cannot play, rookie Sam Ehlinger will start. Carson Wentz was added to the COVID-19 reserve list on Tuesday because he tested positive. Since she has not been vaccinated, Carson Wentz needs to be quarantined for at least five days,...

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Indianapolis Colts running back Jonathan Taylor has 5 touchdowns in a single game

admin  -  December 28, 2021

Indianapolis Colts running back Jonathan Taylor performed amazingly this week. While helping the team win, it also gave him a chance to compete for the annual award. Jonathan Taylor rushed the ball 32 times in this game, advanced 185 yards, 5 touchdowns, becoming the 18th player in NFL history to have 5 touchdowns in the...

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