Dallas Cowboys coach Mike McCarthy isn’t worried about losing his job

Dallas Cowboys coach Mike McCarthy has met twice with owner and general manager Jerry Jones since the wild-card loss to the San Francisco 49ers. But Mike McCarthy isn’t worried about his job.

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“Our conversation was positive and focused on the assessment process,” said Mike McCarthy. “I also understand why you’re asking this question, it’s part of your job. It’s my job to answer appropriately and politely.”

“I know what’s going on every day. I know how to win, how to win in the league. To go and win the playoffs, how to win a championship. I’m very confident in that. Over two seasons, I’m very confident in what we’ve built. The culture feels good,” Mike McCarthy said.

Dallas Cowboys defensive coordinator Dan Quinn and offensive coordinator Kellen Moore have both scheduled interviews for multiple coaching positions. The Dallas Cowboys have 21 more players to become unrestricted free agents this spring, and the issue of cap space also needs to be resolved.

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