Dallas Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott may be absent due to knee injury

On Friday, due to a knee injury, Dallas Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott may miss next Thursday’s game against New Orleans Saints.

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According to reports, Dallas Cowboys currently has no plans to add Ezekiel Elliott to the injury reserve list. When asked last week if he would consider taking some time off, Ezekiel Elliott replied that it was not necessary.

“This is rugby.” Ezekiel Elliott said, “Injuries are inevitable, and 100% health is not realistic. I am strong and will not be affected.”

The Dallas Cowboys have lost three of the past four games, and Ezekiel Elliott’s rushing yards also show a decreasing trend: 51, 41, 32, 25. In the first eight weeks of the game, the Dallas Cowboys averaged 152 yards per game, but only 84.5 yards per game in the past four games.
Dallas Cowboys coach Mike McCarthy said: “Ezekiel Elliott’s rushing style is very aggressive. He will hit the opponent and will be grappled by the opponent. We need to evaluate these and see how he prepares this week.

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