Five-game winning streak ends, Embiid: Losing today is my problem

On March 6th, in the NBA regular season, the Philadelphia 76ers lost 82-99 to the Miami Heat. After the game, the coaches and main players of both sides accepted media interviews.

In this campaign, Embiid didn’t feel good. He made only 4 of 15 shots, 14 of 14 free throws, and scored 22 points and 15 rebounds. After the game, Embiid talked about his performance today. “I played badly the whole day today, I have to get my feeling back. Losing today was my problem,” Embiid said. “My hand was a little uncomfortable. It felt like I didn’t feel it all the time.”

Speaking of Embiid’s defense, Heat coach Spoelstra said: “It takes incredible concentration and concentration to be disciplined enough not to foul him. He (Embiid) knows how to take advantage of all opponents to foul him. error below.”

After this battle, the Heat have achieved an 11-2 record in the past 13 games, and the Philadelphia 76ers have opened to 3 wins. “This is a good step for our team.” Spoelson said, “We have to continue to work hard to move forward and wait for the players to fully recover and let Kyle (Lowry) return to the team.”

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Embiid finally talked about the team’s goal, saying: “We’re really trying to be the top seed in the East. The Heat are really strong, but no team is invincible.”

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