Fultz: I have been working hard for a comeback, and my dream has finally come true

On March 2, Markle Fultz, who returned from injury, accepted an interview with the Orlando Daily News.

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Fultz suffered a torn ACL in his left knee in January last year, and he didn’t return until yesterday’s game against the Pacers. He played 17 minutes off the bench and scored 10 points and 6 assists on 5 of 7 shots. His physical condition and game feel were quite good.

“It’s all been so long,” Fultz said. “It’s been a tough year for me, and every day I tell myself that if I can get back on the court, it’s worth the effort. Now, I’m really happy, the joy is beyond words, and I’m finally back where I’ve always been.”

During Fultz’s absence, the Magic brought in a lot of new players, and when asked what it’s like to play alongside the new teammates, Fultz said: “They’re a great bunch of guys, always full of energy. , always wanting to win, that makes me very happy. We are a bunch of happy lads who just think about playing and winning games every day, and with them, I feel every day is very fulfilling.”

In addition to the new teammates, Fultz also needs to adapt to a newcomer, that is, Magic coach Jamal Mosley. After Fultz completed his comeback debut, Mosley gave a very high evaluation: “Everyone can see the talent and energy this guy brings to the team, he is also very selfless, plays very smart, Always wanting to create chances for his teammates. For him, it was a gift to be able to come back to the game through hard work, he took the opportunity and everyone on the team benefited from it.”

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