Indianapolis Colts had contacted retired quarterback Philip Rivers

After contacting retired quarterback Philip Rivers, Indianapolis Colts coach Frank Reich said that if Carson Wentz cannot play, rookie Sam Ehlinger will start.

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Carson Wentz was added to the COVID-19 reserve list on Tuesday because he tested positive. Since she has not been vaccinated, Carson Wentz needs to be quarantined for at least five days, and the last day happens to be Sunday.

The 40-year-old retired quarterback Philip Rivers played for the Indianapolis Colts last season, leading the team to an 11-5 regular season record and reaching the playoffs. Philip Rivers announced his retirement after the season and chose to coach in a high school in Alabama.

“You also know that we are close.” Frank Reich said, “We have been in contact all year, and we recently talked to Philip Rivers. Philip Rivers is on vacation with his family. I told the Philip Rivers team about the current situation, but now There is nothing worth reporting.”

Sam Ehlinger is a sixth-round pick this year, and the team ranks behind Carson Wentz and Jacob Eason. The regular season has not passed the ball.

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