Indianapolis Colts running back Jonathan Taylor has 5 touchdowns in a single game

Indianapolis Colts running back Jonathan Taylor performed amazingly this week. While helping the team win, it also gave him a chance to compete for the annual award.

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Jonathan Taylor rushed the ball 32 times in this game, advanced 185 yards, 5 touchdowns, becoming the 18th player in NFL history to have 5 touchdowns in the roster. The Indianapolis Colts, who started 1-4, won 5 of the past 6 games and has improved their winning percentage to more than 0.5.

Jonathan Taylor also successfully surpassed Tennessee Titans running back Derrick Henry to become the current league leader in rushing yards (1122 yards). As Derrick Henry may be reimbursed for the season due to a foot injury, Jonathan Taylor has a good chance of keeping the top position to the end.

Indianapolis Colts coach Frank Reich said not long ago that Jonathan Taylor’s ability is worth at least 20 rushes per game. But Jonathan Taylor only got this opportunity in the previous two games.

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