Jacksonville Jaguars to hire Press Taylor as offensive coordinator

On Thursday, it was reported that the Jacksonville Jaguars will hire Press Taylor as offensive coordinator.

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Press Taylor is an old acquaintance with new Jacksonville Jaguars coach Doug Pederson, who spent five years together at the Philadelphia Eagles.

Press Taylor was a passing coordinator for the Philadelphia Eagles for a year, but Doug Pederson previously said he would be in charge of on-the-spot play at the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Press Taylor, 34, is the younger brother of Cincinnati Bengals coach Zac Taylor. Press Taylor’s coaching career began in 2011 and joined the Philadelphia Eagles in 2013 as an offensive quality management coach. After Doug Pederson took over, Press Taylor was promoted to assistant quarterbacks coach. For the 2021 season, Press Taylor is a senior offensive assistant at the Indianapolis Colts.

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