Kerr praises teacher: He did a great job tonight

On March 8, the Golden State Warriors played away to the Denver Nuggets 124-131. Nikola Jokic played a top performance back to back again, scoring 32 points, 15 rebounds and 13 assists; he just scored 46 points and 12 rebounds yesterday. 11 assists, including 30 points in the fourth quarter and overtime.

Warriors head coach Steve Kerr did not participate in the MVP ballot, but he thinks Mr. Yo should win the MVP this year.

“He was great tonight, made his teammates better, made the defense harder,” Kerr said. “He looked like an easy game to play, and he felt like he was lifting weights.”

The Warriors have rested key players such as Curry, Thompson, and Wiggins. Several teenagers played well, Poole scored 32 points, Moody 30 points, Kuminga 16 points.

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“I appreciate the efforts of the young players, it’s been a great experience for them,” Kerr said. “Moses played really well tonight. He’s a guardian who will be a cornerstone for the Warriors for a long time to come.”

Moody mentioned after the game that Curry gave him a lot of advice and hoped that he would stay calm during the ups and downs of the season. “Patience is the theme of my life right now.”

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