Lakers: James is in a brave state, the ninth is gradually stable

The Lakers’ results from last week’s game:

Lakers 124-116 Warriors on March 6

March 8 Spurs 117-110 Lakers

March 10 Rockets 139-130 Lakers (OT)

March 12 Lakers 122-109 Wizards

Record: 29 wins and 37 losses

Ranking: No. 9 in the West

37-year-old James 50+ twice in a week

Before facing the Golden State Warriors, the Lakers had suffered a four-game losing streak, losing 7 of the last 8 games. Although the Warriors are also not doing well recently, the Lakers are generally considered to be no threat at all. The result of the game was surprising, because the 37-year-old Zhan refused.

James played 39 minutes and 33 seconds and scored 56 points and 10 rebounds on 19 of 31 shots. This is the highest score in a single game of his Lakers career, and it is second only to Kobe Bryant in a single game in league history. tall player. In this way, by virtue of their own strength, the Lakers unbelievably overturned the Golden State Warriors 124-116.

Just 6 days later, James made 18 of 25 shots against the Wizards, scored 50 points, 7 rebounds and 6 assists, and scored 50+ points in two consecutive home games. This is the first Laker since Kobe Bryant in 2007. Players do such a feat. The Lakers beat the Wizards 122-109.

James suspended the game against the Spurs in midweek and also scored high points against the Rockets. In the last 3 games, he averaged 43 points, 10.3 rebounds, 7 assists and 2 blocks, shooting 56% and 89% from the free throw line.

Can you believe this is something a 37-year-old veteran can do! James has told us time and time again that he’s still not old, and that he’s got everything the team needs.

Accidentally overturned, fortunately, the 9th place in the West gradually stabilized

The Lakers have a 2-2 record this week. Except for James’ truce and loss to the Spurs, losing to the Rockets is very inappropriate. The Rockets had suffered a 12-game losing streak before, and the entire team lacked the desire to win. The Lakers’ accidental rollover made fans very worried.

Competitors, however, did not seize the opportunity. The Pelicans have suffered a four-game losing streak, the Blazers have suffered a six-game losing streak, and the Spurs have recently won 2 and 2, so the Lakers have opened a 2.5-game gap with the Pelicans, leading the 11th-place Spurs by 3.5 wins in the regular season. With only 16 games remaining, the Purple and Gold have a good chance of securing the ninth place.

The Clippers have lost 3 of their last 4 games, and the two teams are currently separated by 4.5 wins. The Clippers have completed 69 games, 3 more than the Lakers, and if the same game gap is 3 wins, the Lakers still have a theoretical chance to compete for the top eight. Under the play-off system, the 8th and 9th places are very different, and there is one more chance to make mistakes.

Last week, the gap between the Lakers and the chasing soldiers behind them was very small. After 4 games this week, the situation has gradually become clear. The key person is James! 2 times 50+ in 3 games, and stabilized the situation by myself.

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