Las Vegas Raiders and kicker Daniel Carlson renew their contract for 4 years

On Thursday, Las Vegas Raiders will renew their contract with kicker Daniel Carlson for 4 years, with a total salary of US$18.4 million, including a signing bonus of US$4 million, and US$10.2 million as a guaranteed amount.

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Daniel Carlson has also become the league’s third-highest paid kicker. He has performed well this season, hitting 27 of 30 free kicks and 23 of 25 additional points.

Daniel Carlson was a five-round pick in the 2018 Minnesota Vikings, but was waived during his rookie season. After joining the Las Vegas Raiders, Daniel Carlson played steadily and set a new record with a 94.3% free kick success rate last season. Daniel Carlson has succeeded in 9 of 10 free kicks of more than 50 yards in the past two years.

The Las Vegas Raiders has a 6-6 record this season. They have lost four of the past five games and have been scored at least 30 points by their opponents in three games. This week they will start a critical divisional civil war with the Kansas City Chiefs.

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