Nets beat Knicks at home, Durant 53+9 season high

On March 14, the Nets beat the Knicks 110-107 at home, ushering in a 3-game winning streak. Durant scored 53 points, 6 rebounds, 9 assists and 2 steals, scoring a season high, scoring 27 points in the first half, setting a new career high for the Nets; Drummond 18 points and 10 rebounds, Bruce Brown 15 points and 7 Rebounds and 5 assists, Curry was sidelined with sore left ankle; the Knicks lost two consecutive games, 3 players scored 20+ in the starting lineup, Randle 26 points, 4 rebounds and 4 assists, Fournier 25 points and 5 assists, Barrett 24 points .

After the opening, the Knicks failed to attack for a long time. Durant counterattacked and scored a 2+1. Dragic also made a three-pointer. Brown quickly went down and sent a dunk. The Nets made an 11-0 dream start. After playing for more than 3 minutes, Fournier took a step back by two points and finally started the Knicks. Then Randle and Fournier threw three points in succession. The Knicks continued to chase the points, but Durant also felt good. The outside responded. Burks made a 2+1 pick from the inside and then Barrett counterattacked to chase the difference to 5 points. The two sides started a tug of war. Fournier and Durant each threw three points. After Randle made a layup, Durant could respond with a mid-range shot. At the end of the first quarter, the Nets led the Knicks 35-30.

In the second quarter of the game, Sims and Clarkston came up and ate the cake and sent all-around dunks. After Barrett hit the basket one after another, Quickley could also make a throw, and the Knicks directly overtook the score 8-0. , Johnson finally stopped the bleeding after eating a cake in the basket. Durant came up and then hit a mid-range shot to tie the score. The two sides started a stalemate tug of war. Randle threw and hit again, but Drummond hit Robinson to the basket and responded strongly. After Barrett counterattacked and made a layup, the Knicks took the lead to 5 points, but Durant stood up again and again. To create killing and chasing points, Drummond continued to play hard inside, and the Nets regained the lead. At halftime, the Nets continued to lead the Knicks 62-60.

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After the second half, Barrett came up and threw a three-pointer at the top of the arc. Durant quickly responded with a mid-range pull, Fournier made a three-pointer from the top and continued to hit, and Drummond dunked again and scored 2+. 1 Responded strongly again, and the two sides started a tug of war again. Fournieri made a sudden outside shot to help the Knicks score 7-0 and overtake the score again, but Durant immediately scored 7 points in a row and responded strongly. Brown counterattacked and helped the Nets. In response to a wave of 11-0 overtaking by 7 points, Robinson dunked again to stop the bleeding, but Brown responded again with consecutive air-cut throws, Randle made an emergency three-pointer to stop the bleeding, and at the end of the three quarters, the Nets continued to lead the Knicks 88-83.

In the last quarter, Clarkston added 2 points on the hook first, Toppin found his touch and responded with three-pointers from the outside, and the Knicks chased one more point. Mills finally threw in his first three-pointer of the game. Randle quickly responded to the answer ball from the outside, but Durant was able to shoot 4 points in a row from inside and outside. The Nets still took the lead by more than two goals. The offside foul on Randle gave the Knicks a chance to breathe. After Fournier drifted for a three-pointer and then entered, Barrett killed the inside one after another to help the Knicks overtake the score again with a wave of 9-0. Drummond finally dunked on the inside. In the end, Durant hit a key three-pointer again, Randle continued his dunk, but Fournier’s key pass was interrupted, and the Nets finally beat the Knicks 110-107.

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