New Orleans Saints promote two assistant coaches as defensive coordinator

On Wednesday, the New Orleans Saints officially announced that they will promote assistant coach Ryan Nielsen and Kris Richard as defensive coordinators.

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Ryan Nielsen and Kris Richard will also oversee the defensive line and second line, respectively. New Orleans Saints coach Dennis Allen served as the defensive coordinator under former coach Sean Payton, with Ryan Nielsen as assistant head coach and defensive line coach and Kris Richard as second-line coach.

Dennis Allen has hinted in previous conferences that he will continue to be in charge of defensive tactical arrangements.

There are more examples of co-defensive coordinators in college football, but not in the NFL. The Vikings have adopted this work arrangement the past two seasons, and the New England Patriots have split the responsibilities of defensive coaches without appointing a defensive coordinator.

Also, consistent with previous reports, New Orleans Saints offensive coordinator Pete Carmichael Jr. will stay on. The New Orleans Saints also officially announced that they will hire former Buffalo Bills, Jacksonville Jaguars coach Doug Marrone as offensive line coach and Kodi Burns as their new wide receiver coach.

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