New York Giants fires offensive coordinator Jason Garrett

On Tuesday, New York Giants, who lost 30-10 to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, announced the firing of offensive coordinator Jason Garrett.

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Jason Garrett played in 2020, but the offensive team performed poorly, averaging 17.5 points per game, ranking second in the league. This season has improved, but it is still only 18.9, ranking 25th in the league. Coach Joe Judge said after the game: “It is our (coach) job to teach them, and it is the players’ job to perform tasks on the court. But we must ensure that they have the opportunity to succeed, and we must also ensure continuity.”

The New York Giants had a total of 215 driving yards on Monday night, the second lowest since Joe Judge took office, and only 66 rushing yards. In 54 offenses, the New York Giants only advanced 16 yards or more once.
“Our scoring ability must be strengthened.” Joe Judge said, “I know it sounds like nonsense, but I have to be blunt. We have to give players opportunities to advance. There are many good players in the team, and we have to let them find A position where you can perform. That’s it.

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