Pacers beat Spurs, Langdale 26+7

On March 13, the NBA regular season continued. The San Antonio Spurs played against the Indiana Pacers at home. Only 2 Spurs starters scored in double figures. The Pacers blossomed more, and 6 scored in double figures. The third quarter opened the score. The final 119-108 victory over the Spurs.

For the Pacers, Haliburton had 19 points and 10 assists, Washington had 19 points, Hield had 17 points, 5 rebounds and 6 assists;

For the Spurs, Langdale had 26 points and 7 rebounds, Walker had 20 points and 6 rebounds, and Vassell had 19 points and 7 rebounds.

After the start of the first quarter, the Spurs took the lead, Collins and Jones scored in succession, Vassell also made a tip, Duarte made an emergency stop jumper to stop the bleeding, Haliburton used a screen to make a three-pointer, the Pacers responded in time, and Dewar in the middle. Tibiao made a three-pointer, Langdale continued to score with dunks, Hield responded with a three-pointer, Washington and Sykes scored one after another, the Pacers gradually dominated, and Washington and Bitaze dunked one after another at the end. In the basket, Langdale and Richardson responded in a timely manner, Walker also made a three-pointer, and the Pacers temporarily led 34-26 at the end of the first quarter.

Back in the second quarter, the two sides continued their hot state and continued to attack. Washington felt hot and scored three points in a row, Vassell responded in time from the outside, Walker beat Washington from the outside, Langdale scored 5 points in a row, Richardson and Diop Consecutive dunks, the Spurs clenched the score, Brissett made a three-pointer to stop the bleeding in the middle, Sykes also made a mid-range shot, Duarte made a three-pointer, the Pacers stabilized the situation, the Spurs made another effort at the end, Walker and Vasse Erlian made a three-pointer, Jones scored consecutive layups, Langdale dunked to the basket, and the Spurs made a 14-0 attack wave to continue chasing points. After halftime, the Pacers continued to lead 71-64.

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After changing sides again, the Spurs’ offense stagnated again. Jackson dunked and abused the basket. Hield and Haliburton made three consecutive points. After 14-4, they continued to expand their advantages. The attack of both sides was slightly stagnant in the middle. Langdale and Duarty made consecutive layups, Richardson made a mid-range shot, Sykes made a three-pointer, and the Pacers firmly dominated. In the last paragraph, Collins continued to score points with consecutive shots and penalties. Bitaze responded to the basket one after another. Richardson responded with a three-pointer. After the three quarters, the Pacers expanded their advantage 97-82.

At the end of the quarter, Collins and Walker made three-pointers in a row, Hield responded in a timely manner with a burst of shots, Richardson made a layup against Biao Haliburton from the outside, Jackson made a layup, the Pacers continued to dominate, and Smith followed up to make up the dunk in the middle. Hield Biao made a three-pointer, and the difference between the two sides widened. Langdale made a dunk to stop the bleeding, Vassell made a sudden outside shot and continued to chase the points. Vassell scored another three points in the last paragraph. Hield teamed up with Haliber. Dun kept responding, the difference between the two sides was too large, and the suspense was lost in advance of the game, and the Pacers finally overcame the opponent.

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