Philadelphia Eagles renews their contract with tight end Dallas Goedert for 4 years

On Friday, the Philadelphia Eagles and close end Dallas Goedert will renew their contracts for four years, which will last until the end of the 2025 season.

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Dallas Goedert’s new contract salary totals $59 million, including $35.7 million in guarantee payments.

Dallas Goedert, 26, said that the Philadelphia Eagles and their agent had negotiated a contract extension during the off-season. But after veteran close end Zach Ertz made the decision to stay on the team, contract negotiations were put on hold.

Before the trade deadline, Zach Ertz was traded to Arizona Cardinals, which also allowed Dallas Goedert to reopen contract negotiations with Philadelphia Eagles.

Dallas Goedert is a 2018 second-round pick for the Philadelphia Eagles. This season, he has been passed 39 times, received 29 times, advanced 429 yards, and ranked second in the team in all three statistics. Since entering the league, Dallas Goedert has advanced 1,894 yards and 14 touchdowns.

Dallas Goedert was injured in a 30-13 victory over Denver Broncos on Sunday. He was restricted from participating in Thursday’s training and has not yet passed the concussion check process.

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