Pittsburgh Steelers defensive coordinator Keith Butler announces retirement

On Saturday evening, the Pittsburgh Steelers officially announced that defensive coordinator Keith Butler has decided to retire.

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Keith Butler said in a statement: “This day is filled with emotion as I officially end my football coaching career. I’ve spent every year as an NCAA or NFL coach since 1990. Now is the time for The end of my successful career as a player and coach.”

Keith Butler has been with the Pittsburgh Steelers for 19 years, taking over as defensive coordinator since the 2015 season. He also played linebacker for the Seattle Seahawks for 10 years before becoming a coach. Keith Butler has kept the Pittsburgh Steelers’ strong pass rush in check since the 2017 season, the Pittsburgh Steelers have held the league’s most sacks title since the 2017 season. T.J. Watt finished the season with 22.5 sacks, tying Michael Strahan’s league record.

But this season, the Pittsburgh Steelers’ run defense performance is not very good, with a total of 2,483 yards being advanced, the most in the league. One of Keith Butler’s replacements is Pittsburgh Steelers senior defensive assistant and second-line coach Teryl Austin.

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