Pittsburgh Steelers to promote Teryl Austin to defensive coordinator

On Sunday, the Pittsburgh Steelers found a replacement for retired defensive coordinator Keith Butler: the team’s senior defensive assistant and second-line coach, Teryl Austin.

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Teryl Austin has been with the Pittsburgh Steelers for three years and 18 in the league, having previously served as defensive coordinator for the Detroit Lions, Cincinnati Bengals. He also served as a defensive backs coach for the Seattle Seahawks, Arizona Cardinals and Baltimore Ravens. Teryl Austin shared the defensive coordinator duties with coach Mike Tomlin when Keith Butler was out last season due to the coronavirus.

Safety Minkah Fitzpatrick previously said: “He’s a good coach. I won’t say too much because I want him to stay in Pittsburgh. But I know a lot of people want him in. He’s a good coach. I like him a lot. That attention to detail, and the way he analyzes the game, engages the players in discussions. A lot of coaches don’t allow players to discuss, and I appreciate that.”

The Pittsburgh Steelers have been fond of finding new coordinators from within the team. Matt Canada was promoted from quarterbacks coach to offensive coordinator, and Keith Butler was promoted from linebackers coach.

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