Quarterback Kyler Murray submits contract extension to Arizona Cardinals

Kyler Murray’s offseason “love-hate relationship” with the Arizona Cardinals took a new turn on Monday morning.

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Kyler Murray has submitted a detailed contract renewal proposal to Arizona Cardinals, Erik Burkhardt, Kyler Murray’s agent, said in a statement. Erik Burkhardt also said in a statement that if the team wants to continue to compete for the championship, it must maintain long-term stability, which is what Kyler Murray can bring to the team.

Erik Burkhardt said Kyler Murray would like to stay with the Arizona Cardinals for the long-term and is also “eager to win the Super Bowl.”

Kyler Murray’s dissatisfaction with the Arizona Cardinals performance after the wild-card loss to the Los Angeles Rams was palpable. He said in an interview that he believed last season could be considered a “huge failure”. The Arizona Cardinals started 7-0 but ended up 11-6. When asked what went wrong, Kyler Murray replied: “I hope to answer you too”.

According to reports, Kyler Murray was very disappointed with the Arizona Cardinals and felt that he was being used as a scapegoat for a poor performance.

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