Raptors narrowly beat Sun Trent 42 points Sika 25+10

On March 12, the NBA regular season continued. The Toronto Raptors challenged the Phoenix Suns away. Gary Trent scored 42 points and 8 rebounds, tying a season-high score. Devin Booker missed a three-pointer and the Raptors The final 117-112 victory over the sun.

For the Raptors, Trent had 42 points and 8 rebounds (8 three-pointers), Siakam had 25 points, 7 rebounds and 10 assists, and Van Fleet had 12 points and 8 rebounds;

For the Suns, Payne had 24 points and 7 rebounds, Booker had 22 points and 7 assists, and Bridges had 18 points and 7 rebounds.

At the beginning of the first quarter, Barnes came up and cut the basket and put the basket to start for the Raptors first. Claude scored 2+1 on horseback and archery and finally got the first point for the Suns. Payne also took the initiative for the Suns with one attack and one pass. , Ayton’s consecutive strong hits on the inside directly stopped the Raptors. After the timeout came back, Trent finally threw a three-pointer to stop the bleeding, and Payne could also respond to the answer ball. Then the sun suddenly lost power and only scored 2 points in more than 4 minutes. Xie also steals the fast break, the Raptors’ 12-2 attack wave directly reverses the situation, Booker’s continuous jumpers finally stop the bleeding, and Siakam can respond with a three-point chase at the top of the arc. At the end of the first quarter, the Raptors 30- 24 leads the Suns.

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In the second quarter, Payne came up to chase three points first, but Barnes was able to quickly respond to the answer ball. Payne felt hot and shot from inside to outside and scored 5 points in a row, and the Suns caught up to 1 point difference. Afterwards, the shooting percentages of both sides dropped, and the continuous blacksmithing fell into chaos. Payne accelerated and rushed to the basket to overtake the score. Back from the timeout, Thaddeus Yang stormed the European step hook and scored 2+1 and finally helped the Raptors break the scoring drought of more than 4 minutes. Payne could respond with a long-range mid-range shot to tie the score, and the two sides started a stalemate. In the battle, Bridges and Trent threw three-pointers respectively, and then Siakam made a strong 2+1 throw and helped the Raptors to take the initiative. Trent continued to widen the point difference with continuous long-range shots, and Claude finally Throwing in a three-pointer, but Trent was still able to respond to the answer ball. At halftime, the Raptors continued to lead the Suns 56−52.

After changing sides, Booker made a jumper to chase 2 points first. Ayton made a dunk to even out the difference again. Claude finally made a three-pointer to overtake, but Trent threw into long shots one after another and responded strongly to maintain the initiative. , the two sides launched a stalemate tug of war. Siakam hits a 2-pointer with a glide and pick, Booker can respond with a three-pointer, and then after Booker makes a layup and overtakes, Trent chases himself and makes another three-pointer, and Claude responds with a strong three-pointer and chases again. The score was tied, but then the Suns’ offensive end was powered off for no reason. Van Fleet finally made a three-pointer. Payne and Crowder took Ts one after another. Booker fouled Aqiuwa again. The attack wave of 0 established an advantage in one fell swoop, and Craig finally responded with a dunk from the bottom line, but Trent was still able to hit a three-pointer in response. Booker and Holiday continued to stop the bleeding with three consecutive three-pointers. At the end of the three quarters, the Raptors led 96-82. Sun 14 points.

In the final decisive battle, Payne came up with consecutive throws and continued to hit the points. McGee made a tip and made a further shot. The sun came up with a wave of 8-0 and quickly chased the score. Thaddeus Young’s turn and throw shot to stop the bleeding urgently. Siakam made a big fight. Turned around for a layup and then went in to stabilize the situation, but Bridges continued to chase three-pointers. The two sides continued to strike. Biyombo made two free throws to break the deadlock. Stop the bleeding, but the sun has already played an imposing manner, continuously attacking the inside line to directly tie the score. Then Trent fouled Payne with a level-1 malicious foul, but the three-pointer made up for it and tied it again. After Booker was pinched, the Suns made consecutive mistakes and were caught by the Raptors to counterattack to regain the lead by 6 points, but Booker chased after the three-pointer and continued his life. Keeping the suspense, Booker overtook the key three-pointer after Bridges’ big cap, and the Raptors took a three-point lead.

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