Seattle Seahawks coach Pete Carroll is dissatisfied with the referee’s enforcement during the game last week

Seattle Seahawks was cleaned by the Green Bay Packers in the past Sunday game. Coach Pete Carroll believes that the referee’s enforcement is not unrelated to the team’s failure.

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Pete Carroll mainly talked about the penalty for the third ball in the broadcast on Monday: Russell Wilson’s rush in the first quarter of the game, Aaron Rodgers dropped the ball in the second quarter, and Kevin King’s steal in the third quarter.

When Aaron Rodgers dropped the ball, the Green Bay Packers were leading 3-0. Seattle Seahawks player Darrell Taylor seemed to be the one who had the ball at first, but the referee finally ruled that Green Bay Packers had dropped the ball. The red flag challenge after Pete Carroll also failed.

“Darrell Taylor was lying on the ball, and the quarterback was trying to touch the ball from under him.” Pete Carroll said, “Darrell Taylor has already won the ball since the ball touched the ground. His chest touched the ball directly…I don’t I know what the referees think… Oh my god, that one is really critical.”

When Russell Wilson was intercepted by Kevin King in the end zone, the score was still 3-0. The video playback shows that Kevin King did not fully control the ball before touching the ground.

“The player must complete the catch. I don’t know why it was so judged. But they judged it so… Russell Wilson tried hard but failed. We could have tried free kicks later.”

“These penalties have a great impact in yesterday’s game.” Pete Carroll said, “I have known some of them for a long time. They have always respected me and I have tried to respect them. We all have work to do and we must reach an agreement.”

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