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On April 10, 017, the Denver Nuggets played at the Pepsi Center Arena.

With 4 minutes and 22 seconds left in the fourth quarter, Thunder player Russell Westbrook accelerated to break through and after attracting multiple defenses, passed the ball to Semar Christon, who was ambushed in the right corner, who made a three-pointer. In the hand, the ball fell straight into the net, and the arena was suddenly filled with a tsunami. Looking back on this game after many years, the joy of witnessing history with their own eyes still echoed in the shouts of the home and away team’s audience.

After getting this assist, Westbrook’s single-season triple-double game count reached 42, officially surpassing Oscar Robertson and crowned the NBA’s single-season triple-double king. At this point, the Thunder were still 10 points behind their opponents, 91-101. Is it another “mileage sadness”? What everyone present did not expect was that Westbrook’s performance tonight had just begun.

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Westbrook held the ball on the right, got rid of the opponent’s defender with the cover of Steven Adams, created a dislocation with Nikola Jokic, used the speed advantage to wipe it, and leaned forward to lay up and score, 93-101.

That season, Adams was the most reliable partner around Westbrook. He averaged 4.7 goals per game, including 2.3 assists from Westbrook, and scored 11.3 points and 7.7 rebounds. In addition, he is also a solid shield, averaging 3.4 screen assists per game, ranking 14th in the league.

Next, we waited for the familiar counterattack moment. Westbrook rushed to the forefront with a thunderous momentum. Facing the defense of the Italian Danilo Gallinari at the basket, he used the Eurostep skillfully without slowing down. The left side of the basket quickly switched to the right side to score. Facing this perfect combination of speed and skill, the defender could only watch the ball and sigh, 95-103.

At that time, Westbrook was synonymous with speed and speed. His most iconic offensive method was various violent dunks in transition offenses. He averaged 6.7 points per game for 6.8 transition offenses, ranking first in the league.

After that, Westbrook made a technical foul, a two-point foul, and a three-point foul in a row, and steadily converted these 6 free throws into points, 101-105.

With 29.8 seconds left at the end, Westbrook received the ball from the three-point line, strode into the basket, faced the three-person defense without fear, and took advantage of a small stagnation to score two points on the left side of the basket. He has scored 47 points tonight, approaching the score to 103-105. At this moment, Westbrook is unstoppable.

The Thunder generals were united. In the next round, they teamed up again to dismantle the key offense of the Nuggets. Westbrook stuck the Nuggets players, jumped high and swept the rebounds, and immediately Request a pause. As a guard that season, Westbrook averaged 9.0 defensive rebounds per game in a long-running league, ranking fifth in the league.

2.9 seconds before the end, the Thunder suspended back. Kyle Singler served from the sideline, Adams stood near the serving point as a screen wall and the second receiving point, Westbrook pocketed the midfield logo as the first receiving point, but did not get rid of Jia, who followed closely behind him. Mal Murray, so Singler handed the ball to Adams for a transfer. Due to the tight time, this move successfully attracted a lot of Murray’s attention. Westbrook decisively took advantage of the situation to make a counter-run fake move and received it smoothly. When you reach the ball, pull it up directly, the basketball draws a rainbow-like beautiful arc in the air, the lights are on, the ball is scored, and the whistle blows.

Westbrook, who completed the lore, was surrounded by ecstatic teammates. This was undoubtedly his night. From 91 points to 106 points, Westbrook scored the last 15 points of the team. He saved it by himself. team. The on-site commentary could not help shouting: What a perfect ending draw historical day! (What a perfect ending to Record Night!).

In this game, Westbrook played 37 minutes, made 17 of 32 shots, 5 of 12 three-pointers, 11 of 11 free throws, and scored 50 points, 16 rebounds and 10 assists. That lore shot is also of great significance. Not only did it finally write a dream script of “50 points + triple-double record + buzzer buzzer lore”, it also directly ruined the Nuggets’ playoff qualifications. After this battle, Westbrook also prevailed in the MVP competition with his former brother James Harden, and finally won the MVP award.

To this day, every time Westbrook returns to the Thunder’s home court, the arena is still deafening cheers. In the 11 full seasons that the Thunder fought, Westbrook has become the team’s all-time leading scorer, rebounder, and assist leader. , Steals the king, he is the eternal son of Oklahoma City. Especially in the 2016-17 season in which this lore took place, the team’s core lineup changed dramatically. At the time of internal and external troubles, Westbrook carried the team on his own. He played MVP-level performance, played in 81 games, and averaged Can get 31.6 points, 10.7 rebounds, 10.4 assists and 1.6 steals, and take the team to the sixth position in the Western Conference.

In this MVP season, when Westbrook had a triple-double, the team was 33-9, with a winning percentage of 78 percent; when it didn’t, the team was 13-25. It can be said that at that time, Westbrook could not only get beautiful data, but also made great contributions to the team’s winning contribution.

Today, Westbrook is a 33-year-old veteran. The boy who used to be in fresh clothes and angry horses will always be in the hearts of Oklahoma City fans. He used three times and two ways to prove to us that history is not unattainable; he also used “Why not?” to interpret the belief and persistence of dedication to basketball. The determination to work hard for victory will never fade from beginning to end.

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