The Bucks beat the Jazz away Antetokounmpo 30+15 Holiday scored 29 points

On March 15, in the NBA regular season, the Bucks defeated the Jazz 117-111 away, winning the first time in Salt Lake City after 20 years. Antetokounmpo scored 30 points and 15 rebounds, Holiday had 29 points, 7 assists and 5 steals, and Middleton scored 23 points. For the Jazz, Mitchell had 29 points and 8 assists, Conley had 29 points and 7 assists, and Gobert had 18 points and 14 rebounds.

At the start of the first quarter, Allen made a three-pointer and opened his hand to start the Bucks. O’Neal immediately responded to the answer ball. Antetokounmpo continued to add points with a hook. Adams and Allen each threw three-pointers, Mitchell hit a jumper, Portis responded with a counterattack and layup again, Conley threw three-pointers one after another to help the Jazz take the lead. Back from the timeout, Giannis Antetokounmpo made an in-and-out shot to help the Bucks bite the point difference, but Mitchell threw 3 three-pointers in succession with a hot hand and responded strongly. Hughes also responded strongly with a three-pointer from the outside. At the end of the first quarter, the Jazz led the Bucks 37-39.

In the second quarter, the Jazz began to fall into a scoring drought. Middleton and Da Luo threw three-pointers one after another. Holiday also scored 2+1 on the counterattack. The Bucks’ 11-2 offensive wave directly overtook the score, and Carter made a three-pointer. Can also enter, but Conley suddenly scored 5 points in a row to stop the depression. After coming back from the timeout, Antetokounmpo scored 6 points in a row to help the Bucks expand to a near double-digit lead. Mitchell can also respond to self-shooting and tip-ups, and Portis and Holiday can make consecutive three-pointers. The Bucks finally led by double digits. O’Neal made one attack and one defense to stop the bleeding, and Mitchell made a mid-range shot. At halftime, the Bucks overtook the Jazz by 9 points 68-59.

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After changing sides to fight again, Conley threw a three-pointer when he came up, Gobert also sent dunks after eating cakes on the inside, O’Neal could also make a layup, and the Jazz hit a 10-0 attack wave to directly overtake the score. After the suspension came back, Allen finally stopped the bleeding with a three-pointer from the outside, but Mitchell and Conley could still respond strongly to the answer ball. The shot also went in. Clarkson and Mitchell continued to maintain a sense of three-pointers and threw three-pointers one after another. The Jazz quickly responded to the 12-0 offensive wave and led directly to double digits. Back from the timeout, Daluo made a series of killings and chase points, Matthews could also throw three-pointers, Gobert made an alley-oop dunk to stop the bleeding, Holiday made a layup and chased 2 more points. At the end of the three quarters, the Jazz overtook the Bucks 93-91 by 2 point.

In the final decisive battle, Conley added 2 points in a throw, Holiday immediately responded in the middle distance, and then he made a killing and scored 6 points in a row in the middle distance. In a stalemate, the score was tied many times. Brother Antetokounmpo came up to kill the inside line in a row, hooking and throwing everything. The Bucks once again took the initiative with a wave of 7-0. Gobert continued to play hard on the inside line to continue his life. Brother Antetokounmpo still had a throw, but Conley responded quickly. Three points, the Jazz can still bite the score, Holiday turned over and jumper still, Antetokounmpo sent a block at the critical moment, the Bucks continued to lead by more than two goals, Mitchell missed three points in a row, the game basically lost the suspense, and finally the Bucks 117-111 win over the Jazz.

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