Thompson: I crave nights like this, season-high 38 points

On March 13, the NBA regular season ushered in a focus game, the Warriors beat the Bucks 122-109 at home. After the game, the coaches and key players of both sides were interviewed by the media.

The Warriors are 2-5 in the past seven games. In this campaign, facing the defending champion Bucks, the Warriors started the third quarter with an 11-0 offensive wave, establishing a 20-point advantage to lay the victory. Regarding the team’s performance, Kerr said: “Tonight’s game team found itself, which is a good signal, but we still need to keep it up and keep going.”

“I think tonight is a good example of how explosive we can score when we play together.” Poole, who scored 30 points in this game, couldn’t hide his excitement, “When the MVP in the team only had 8 points, we still won. It’s crazy when you have a really good team.”

In this game, Thompson scored 38 points, 6 rebounds, 5 assists and 8 three-pointers, which became the key to the team’s victory. You must know that in the past four games, Thompson’s feel has declined, and he has only made 7 of 30 shots from beyond the arc. Today, Thompson finally got back to his best.

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“I crave nights like this,” Thompson said. “The midseason shooting slump doesn’t kill my ego, and I’m still going to stick to my game.”

When talking about the opponent’s excellent performance, Bucks guard Holiday also admitted after the game: “Once Klay feels hot, you really can’t do anything about it.”

So far this season, Thompson has played in 22 games, averaging 17.7 points per game, shooting 42% from the field and 37.4% from three. It is worth mentioning that when Thompson scored 20 points this season, the Warriors were unbeaten in seven games.

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