Washington Football Team signed kicker Brian Johnson

On Tuesday, the Washington Football Team added kicker Joey Slye to the injury reserve list and signed Brian Johnson to fill the vacancy.

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Joey Slye suffered a hamstring injury in Monday’s victory over the Seattle Seahawks. Joey Slye will miss at least three games.

Brian Johnson previously stayed in the Chicago Bears training lineup, but was on the New Orleans Saints roster for four weeks. During this time, Brian Johnson completed all 8 free kicks, but only 5 of the 8 additional point attempts.

Brian Johnson will also be the fourth kicker of the Washington Football Team this season. The two before Joey Slye were Dustin Hopkins and Chris Blewitt. Dustin Hopkins played in the first six games and missed two additional points and two free kicks. Chris Blewitt was blocked by the opponent for three kicks in two games-all because of the low parabola.

In contrast, Joey Slye’s performance is more stable and reliable. Joey Slye made 5 free-kick shots and 5 extra-point shots in the first two games, and hit a free-kick shot in the Monday night game.

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