James:The shooting was not in the state today, we made too many mistakes

On March 10, the Lakers suffered an overtime away game and finally lost to the Rockets 130-139.

Lakers star LeBron James didn’t feel good in this campaign, scoring only 8 goals in 24 shots.

“I missed some shots today that I knew I could have made,” James said after the game. “It’s not a problem to make some shots throughout my career, but I just missed it tonight. There have been really too many glitches this season and the opponents continue to make us pay.”

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In the view of Lakers coach Frank Vogel, the crux of the team’s away defeat in this campaign is defense.

“We made too many devastating mistakes today on the defensive end,” Vogel said. “The guys fought hard, but it wasn’t enough to win the game.”

“Benefiting” from the Lakers’ defense, Rockets rookie Jaylen Green broke out strongly in this campaign, scoring 32 points efficiently.

“It’s a good feeling,” Green said after the game. “My teammates kept feeding me the ball and telling me to keep hitting the opponent, so I did it, and the basket was really big tonight!”

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