Las Vegas Raiders-Cincinnati Bengals referees will not be involved in the playoffs this year

On Sunday, the off-duty umpires for the Las Vegas Raiders-Cincinnati Bengals game won’t be in the playoffs again. There were a lot of problems with their penalties in the game, and one whistle was very controversial.

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The NFL grades the umpires after each game, and referee Jerome Boger and the rest of the team don’t get much better results. That was when they finally decided that the whistle sounded after Cincinnati Bengals player Tyler Boyd had a touchdown, but video replays showed that wasn’t the case.

Tyler Boyd’s touchdown gave the Cincinnati Bengals a 20-6 lead in the first half. The line umpire blew the whistle after thinking that quarterback Joe Burrow was out of bounds before the pass. In the end, the Cincinnati Bengals won the game 26-19, their first playoff victory in 31 years.

Jerome Boger and the coaching staff “don’t think the whistle goes before the wide receiver finishes the catch,” Walt Anderson, senior vice president of NFL officiating, said after the game.

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