Michigan defensive end Aidan Hutchinson officially announced his candidacy

On Wednesday, University of Michigan defensive end Aidan Hutchinson announced that he will participate in this year’s NFL Draft.

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Aidan Hutchinson is the second-voted defensive end of the Heisman Award this year and the third-ranked second-voted defensive end in history. It is very hopeful to compete for this year’s No. 1 pick. He was also unanimously selected as the best defensive striker member of the college this year.

Aidan Hutchinson said in a statement: “My career in Michigan is over. I sincerely think this is the best period of my life. Now I am going to the 2022 NFL draft. Thank you all for your support. I will always be a wolverine. One member.”

The end of Michigan’s eight-game losing streak against Ohio State was also by Aidan Hutchinson himself: “For many years, I have been simulating the scene of Michigan’s last season in my mind. November 27, 2021 has been planned in my mind for ten years, yes. It was also an unforgettable night for me and my brothers.”

In 2021, Aidan Hutchinson completed a total of 62 tackles (16.5 caused the opponent to lose yards), 14 sacks (Michigan’s single-season record), 3 broken passes, 2 forced drops, and 1 dropped.

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